• Anneau du Rhin '07


Super Street: Spooning Around
Take a Spin Around the Block in Spoon Sports Very Own Integra Type R
Super Street: Hard Drivin
Hard Drivin.zip (1.90 MB)
Realtime Racing takes the Speedvision World Challenge Touring Car Series Championships
Super Street: Acura Integra Type R vs. Subaru WRX
Scooby vs. Scrappy
Sport Compact Car: Unlikely Contenders
Mazda Miata vs. Acura Integra Type R
Sport Compact Car: Realtime Racing Integra Type R
Realtime Racing Integra Type R: The Right Tool for the Job
Sport Compact Car: Hype-R
HypeR.zip (5.07 MB)
Toda Racing, Jackson Racing, & Dazz Motorsport Type R Tuner
Car & Driver: 1997 Acura Integra Type R Road Test
Acura Integra Type-R The Ultimate Affordable Boy Racer
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